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iPhone 4 Pro,  — whatever you call it, but is it around the corner?
Aug,  2010

Alright BlackBerry fans, finally RIM officially unveils its latest and perhaps greatest BlackBerry phone yet - the touchscreen and slider phone BlackBerry 9800.

June 15, 2010

This Friday, July 30th, is the launch of the iPhone 4 in Canada. You’re excited–we know that. There has been a lot of chatter recently about pricing, Apple Store opening times, upgrades, etc. We’re going to try to consolidate all that information into the following FAQ. Ready? Here we go

Welcome to 3GTech Cell Phone Repair Training Centre

Important News Flash:  Read articale about our company in Canada's biggest news Paper  NATIONAL POST

We offer courses in 6 Cities



Mississauga, Ottawa, London, Halifax, Vancouver and Calgary  details


The cellular phone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world. The era of telephones is out and cellular phones are in. The mobile repairing course is one of the most in-demand course among technical courses

After completing the course the students will learn:

·         We are the first one in canada to start this course.

·         We are approved by ministry of education.

·         During the course you will go through almost 100 different kind of phones.

·         We are affiliated with one of the best school in USA.

·         Our course outline is way batter than any other school in Canada. (Click Here)

·         Our instructors have almost 10 years of experience in cell phone repair centers.

·         Once you finish your course, you will be the part of  CELL PHONE REPAIR TECH. Association of Canada.

·         You will be allowed to use Association logo on your card and website.

·         We'll help you to start your business after you finish the course.

·         You will have special access to buy parts at wholesale prices.

·         YOu will be provided all kind of software that you need to unlock and repair cell phones

·         We'll also provide you information about getting different franchise from major service providers.

·         How to repair and service minor & major handset problems.

·         How to setup your own mobile phone repair service centre.

·         How to survive in the cell phone repairing business.

·         How to make money by repairing mobiles


COURSE OUTLINE    (Click Here)

Our innovative and researcher group has launched an iPhone and blackberry repair training course. It is 3 full days course that will prepare you to start your business to repair all non warranty cell phones i.e. iPhones and Blackberry available through service providers. Our instructors have worked over 10 years in telecom industry and have very strong background in the electronics & Cell phone repairs. Our course is unique and covers all hands on materials with tools and references. One on One training will guarantee you to start your business next day. We believe that learning from an expert with all the latest hacks can compete anyone in the market that’s why we are the # 1 in Canada for teaching service centers how to repair blackberry and iPhone which is not covered under warranty.

Hands on Cell Phone Repair Training

With the help of our hands on training lessons you will Learn:
* How to disassemble & assemble different types of mobile phones.
* Identifying different spare parts of cell phones.
* List of Tools used for mobile phone repairing.
* How to use different tools used for mobile repairing.
* Work of different parts & ICs.
* Jumpering Techniques used for repairing cellular phones.
* How to repair different faults of cell phones.
* Course includes repairing basic & advanced camera phones.

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